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Illuminated Pylons

One doesn't often encounter the word "pylon" outside of the context of football. In the interest of clarity we mean a freestanding sign with visible support structure (pole) or with the support structure enclosed with a pole cover.

Monument Signs

Monument signs are an elegant and attractive way to display your logo and organization or location name. Monument signs are freestanding exterior signs typically located at entrances to communities, businesses and churches. The sign can be illuminated and is usually designed with an attractive brick, stone or wooden base with side pillars. A monument sign is a free-standing sign seated directly on the ground or mounted on a low base. The base tends to be brick, wood, concrete, aluminum, or dense polyurethane foam.

Full Color Banners

A banner is a sign usually made of fabric, vinyl or other non-rigid material with no enclosing framework. A banner may be painted, screen printed, digitally printed, or decorated with vinyl.

Face-Lit Channel Letters

Sometimes called "Channel Letters". A channel letter is fabricated or formed three-dimensional letter that may accommodate a light source. For many years, NEON was the typical light source, but the last few years have seen a switch to more energy efficient L.E.D. (light-emitting diodes).

Electronic Message Centers

An EMC is a sign that utilizes computer-generated messages or some other electronic means of changing copy. These signs include displays using incandescent lamps,LED,LCD or a flipper matrix. EMC are also commonly referred to as EMU (Electronic Messaging Unites) and fall under the category of changeable message signs.

Pan or Vacuum Formed

A pan-formed sign is a plastic sign face molded into a three dimensional shape. Pan-formed signs are also called molded face, molded and embossed face, and molded and debossed face.

Architectural Awnings

An awning is a shelter constructed of non-rigid materials on a supporting framework which projects from and is supported by the exterior wall of a building. An awning may or may not be illuminated and/or decorated with graphics to serve as a sign.

Wayfinding Signage

Wayfinding is a system of signage and graphics which is designed to give direction to a given destination. While the copy and graphics on a building's signs are important to the process, wayfinding also depends on the information inherent in a building's design. These signs are typically viewed from a vehicle or on foot. They let you know where you want to go and give direction to get to your destination.

Multi-tenant Signs

Attract more customers and tenants with a dramatic and stylish multi-tenant sign. Multi-Tenant signs are large freestanding signs with multiple signage cabinets typically built for shopping centers, malls, office buildings or other developments that house a range of tenants requiring signage.

Custom Fabrication

Specialty fabrication is any branding element specifically designed and manufactured to meet special requirements and generally is an innovative branding application.

Blade Signs

A blade sign is a type of projecting sign mounted on a building facade or storefront pole or attached to a surface perpendicular to the sign's surface and to the normal flow of traffic.

Interior Signs

Interior signs are located inside a building or other facility and they can be virtually any sign type, including printed digital graphics.

Sign Cabinets

Whether mounted on your building, on the ground in a monument or on the top of a pole in a pylon sign , cabinet signs are a dramatic way to prominently display your brand and promotional message both day and night. Cabinet signs are manufactured from steel or aluminum and don’t have to be just a rectangular box.

Digital Graphics

Digital imaging or digital image acquisition is the creation of digital images, typically from a physical scene. The term is often assumed to imply or include the processing, compression, storage, printing, and display of such images.

Interior Architectual Signage

Interior and architectural signage is great for communicating effectively throughout your company facility, to your staff and visitors. Whether you are looking for a steel, aluminum, or plastic interior or architectural signage, we offer multiple types of custom colors and finishes to match your decor.

ADA Signage

ADA is an initialism for signs made compulsory by the Americans With Disabilities act. They help people with sense impairments negotiate their surroundings.

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